Precalculus and Trigonometry

Graph of a cosine curve in radians
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    Welcome to my Precalc/Trig course page!

    This is a college-prep level course and many students' first difficult experience with math.  Expect to be challenged!  Previously learned algebraic and geometric skills will be expanded upon in this rigorous course.  Knowledge of fractions, factoring, radicals, properties of shapes, and exponents will be applied with trigonometric identities.  Content covered will include:  Logs and natrual Logs, domain and range of exponential functions, Radian and Degree measure, and solving trigonometric functions. 

    Note:  Your own graphing calculator (i.e.  Ti-83) will be required for this course.  If the purchase of such a calculator is a financial burden please speak with me. 


    Swords' tips for success:

    1.  Must be BOLD.  What that means is you have to not only trust what you know, but not be afraid of making a mistake. Some of the best experiences I've had in math is trying to solve a never-before seen problem and learning something new by just using what I've previously learned!  

    2.  Homework is crucial for this course.  Answers will be in the back of your textbook, so you'll be expected to not only check your work but GO BACK AND FIX MISTAKES ON YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE IT IS DUE!  Do not accept incorrect work without first trying to fix it. You'll learn best by trying again, and again, and again, and...