The district will not be accepting further RFPs since the deadline passed at 1 pm Monday, January 26.
    The Board of School Directors is seeking the professional services of an Architect experienced in dealing with school construction projects, the statutory and regulatory requirements associated with these projects, quality design for teaching/learning the management difficulties associated with multiple prime contractors, the time and safety issues associated with renovations to an existing school building and current cost constraints of district budgets. The RFP is being used to narrow the field for interviews with the Board or, if one candidate is outstanding, as a basis to negotiate a contract for services.

    The Board of School Directors of the District is considering a capital project for renovations and additions to Conewago Elementary School. The Elementary School houses grades K-5 and has a current capacity of 205 students. The scope of the Project is to develop to a capacity of approximately 450 students, including adding special education classrooms and other educational spaces such as library, computer laboratory, etc.
    A copy of the Request for Proposals is uploaded below in Word and Adobe Reader formats:
    If you have any questions, please contact district Superintendent Sherri Smith at 717-566-5334 or via e-mail at ssmith@ldsd.org.
    Further details about the RFP will be communicated via the district's Web site at the following address: