At Lower Dauphin High School, we believe in providing our students the opportunity to excel academically as well as socially.
    At the start of every school year, each club, team, and organization is open to new members. Our student activities program is diversified and of the highest quality. There is no better way to meet students with similar interests than to become involved in a co-curricular club or activity.
    Students make the difference at Lower Dauphin. We urge all our students to get involved.

    Student Activities


    Musical literature from the Baroque period to Contemporary Music is performed. Varied activities of football games, marching band contests, parades, community performances, concerts, trips, county, district, regional and state events all provide the interested student with many opportunities to be a vital part of the school community. Membership in the Falcon Band is determined by yearly audition. This is an elective course (#1213) that is given 1 credit toward graduation requirements. Any students in grades 9-12 are eligible to audition. Rehearsals outside of the "school day" are required.

    Director: Mr. Keith Richardson, Room 502


    The Outdoor/Indoor Color guard is an extracurricular activity, which emphasizes the execution of movement through dance as well as the use of color guard equipment. Membership is determined by yearly audition. All rehearsals are held outside of the "school day". Any student in grades 9-12 is eligible to audition. Auditions will be held in May for the Outdoor Color Guard and December for the Indoor Color Guard.

    Director: Mr. Keith Richardson, Room 502


    Percussion ensemble is an extracurricular activity, which enhances the student's knowledge of the percussion activity by giving students an opportunity to further their musical skills and percussive techniques. Membership in the ensemble is determined by yearly audition. All rehearsals are held outside of the "school day". Any student in grades 9-12 is eligible to audition.

    Director: Mr. Keith Richardson, Room 502


    The Jazz Band is an extracurricular activity, which enhances the student's knowledge of the jazz idiom through listening and performance of many different styles and eras of Jazz music. Membership is determined by yearly audition. All rehearsals are held outside of the "school day". Any student in grades 9-12 is eligible to audition. Auditions will be held in September of each school year.

    Director: Mr. Keith Richardson, Room 502


    The Chorus is open to all students, grades 9-12. Chorus enhances students' group singing skills, performing music including Renaissance, Classical, Folk, Multi-Cultural, Musical Theatre, and Spirituals. The Chorus performs winter and spring concerts. Chorus is a 1-credit course and rehearses daily in room 501.

    Director: Miss Elizabeth Colpo, Room 501


    Concert Choir is a chamber choir selected by audition. Students currently in Chorus or Women's Select Choir are eligible to audition in March for their upcoming 10th-12th grade year. Music includes Renaissance, Classical, Folk, Multi-Cultural, Musical Theatre, Spirituals, Vocal Jazz, and Contemporary. The Concert Choir performs at the winter and spring concerts, Baccalaureate, Commencement, and extra gigs throughout the community. Auditioning for ACDA and PMEA Honor Choirs, including County, District, Regional, and All-State Choirs, is highly encouraged. Concert choir is a 1-credit course.

    Director: Miss Elizabeth Colpo, Room 501


    Women's Select Choir is a chamber choir selected by audition. Females currently in Chorus are eligible to audition in March for their upcoming 10th-12th grade year. Music includes Renaissance, Classical, Folk, Multi-cultural, Musical Theatre, Spirituals, Vocal Jazz, and Contemporary. The Women's Select Choir performs winter and spring concerts and extra gigs throughout the community. Women's Select Choir is a 1-credit course.

    Director: Miss Elizabeth Colpo, Room 501


    The Vocal Octet is selected by audition in September of each year. 10th-12th grade singers currently in Concert Choir are eligible to audition for this extra-curricular ensemble. The Vocal Octet provides members with the opportunity to perform vocal repertoire at an advanced artistic level. Repertoire and performance opportunities are similar to those of the Concert choir, but include extra gigs throughout the community. Octet members practice independently and are expected to come to weekly rehearsals prepared to create music at a high level.

    Director: Miss Elizabeth Colpo, Room 501


    Membership is open to all students, 9th through 12th grades: membership is determined by auditions, which are conducted yearly. The prerequisite for all members except for string students is course 1215. The orchestra and string orchestra provide the students with the opportunity to study and apply techniques that have been previously presented in ensembles, sections, and/or lessons. Musical literature from the Baroque to Contemporary periods, as well as popular music, is performed. String orchestra and orchestra members participate in Holiday and Spring Concerts, as well as the school musical, county, district, regional, and many other performance opportunities throughout the year. Grade 9-12.

    Director: Mrs. Melody Cliff, Room 501


    As a member of the Falcon Flash team, students learn the methods involved in writing factual accounts of school events. The students will also learn the techniques of interviewing, editorial writing, news analysis, column writing, newspaper layout, and production. A study of the ethics of journalism in American society is included in the course. Students must pre-register with the instructor prior to the official registration day.

    Instructor/Advisor: Mrs. Lena Russell, Room 206


    Students learn the practical application of the theory and techniques of yearbook production, resulting in the current year's FALCONAIRE. Students learn style and composition, picture cropping and arrangement, and organization of material. Students learn to use Photoshop. They also learn to design, create, and publish the school's yearbook online through use of the Taylor Publishing website. A pre-registration conference with the advisor is necessary.

    A sense of responsibility and dedication are essential for the student to bring to this course, as the class continues into part of the summer.

    This course may count as a humanities credit but does not satisfy the four-credit requirement for English. Grade 10-12.

    Instructor/Advisor: Mrs. Emily Fehrenbach, Room 303 

    Non-Curriculum Related Activities

    The freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior class councils' main objective is to raise money for their respective classes. The funds are used to cover the expenses of the Junior-Senior Prom, Graduation, and other class projects.

    Class of 2023

          Advisor: Mrs. Aimee Radel, Room 301; Mrs. Nicole Stultz, Room 110
    Class of 2024
           Advisors: Mrs. Mandi Mease, Room 306; Mrs. Jen Millhimes, Room 703
    Class of 2025
          Advisors: Mrs. Amber Doran, Room 504; Mrs. Alyssa Wachsman, Room 903
    Class of 2026
        Advisors: Mr. Clint Fackler, Room 810; Mr. Chad Lister, Room 808
    Believers in the Gospel (BIG)
    Believers in the Gospel, formerly Fellowship of Christian Athletes, is an organization made up of students interested in Christian fellowship, service, and activities. Students meet Wednesday mornings in the High School Library from 7:00 to 7:30 A.M. Student leaders integrate discussions, guest speakers, studies, activities, etc. BIG organizes various activities throughout the year, including See You at The Pole (a nationwide rally for school students to meet at the flagpole of their school to pray), Winterfest (a winter concert and open gym with free food and admission), Summerfest (a pool party with free food and activities during final exams), True Love Waits campaigns, etc. These activities are organized to promote awareness, fellowship among students, and service to the school community. BIG holds a Prayer & Praise time on Thursdays, 7:00-7:30 AM, in the auditorium. This is a student led time of singing contemporary Christian music, reflection on a devotional topic and a time of meditation open to any student or staff member.
    Advisor: Mr. Nathan Espenshade, Counseling Office
    The Chess Club of Lower Dauphin meets once a week from 2:35 PM-3:30 PM starting the beginning of September until the end of February. Any level of student ability is welcome with the students playing against each other. Although an "unofficial" win/loss record may be kept by individuals, the emphasis of the club is to play for fun while learning to improve one's chess game.
    Advisor: Miss. Rebecca Voler, Room 1003
    The Lower Dauphin Diversity Club is open to any students interested in celebrating diversity in our school and community.  We have a lot to learn from each other and are dedicated to enriching our school environment with the beauty that diversity has to offer.  Students have the opportunity to become involved in local cultural events, as well as the opportunity to promote diversity in our school by educating each other through a variety of activities.  We meed during administrative homeroom days and once a month after school  Everyone is welcome because everyone has a story to share.
    Advisor:  Mrs. Emily Markley, Room 1007
    The mission of Lower Dauphin's Chapter of Educators Rising, formerly Future Educators of America (FEA), is to provide students with opportunities to explore careers in education. We hope that through participation in this chapter, students will gain a realistic understanding of the nature of education and the role of the teacher. Members in good standing will be eligible for 2 excused absences each year to shadow teachers within the Lower Dauphin School District. Other activities, such as college visits, conferences, etc. will be decided upon each year by the group.
    Co-Advisors: Mrs.Amber Doran, Mrs. Brittany Terek, Mrs. Megan Etter, Room 705
    The Lower Dauphin Four Diamonds Mini-thon Committee sponsors an annual 12 hour dance/activity marathon to raise money for the Four Diamonds Fund which supports pediatric cancer patients and their families treated at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and pediatric cancer research. All students are invited to be part of this planning committee. Regular meetings facilitated by student leaders are scheduled throughout the school year. Students on the committee organize fundraising and school spirit events during the year leading up to and including the night of the actual mini-thon event when several hundred high school students attend to support the cause. Members of the committee are expected to work hard through regular attendance at meetings and active participation in planning and organizing of the mini-thon and associated events. Lower Dauphin students and the surrounding community have rallied around this wonderful opportunity to help others.
    Advisor: Mrs. Mary Smith, Nurse's office; Mr. Scott Payonk, Mrs. Alyssa Wachsman, Room 707
    The National Art Honor Society, sponsored by the National Art Education Association, offers artistically talented students the opportunity to further practice and share their art skills in the school and the community. Activities include service projects, community art projects, and field trips. Membership, upon recommendation of the student's high school art teacher, is based on good character, art class grade of 90% or better, and an interest in sharing their talent to benefit others.
    Advisor: Mrs. Dana Attivo, Room 506
    Membership into this society is to be considered an honor bestowed on students selected for their accomplishments in the field of English. We decided to create a chapter to provide recognition for past achievement, the nurturing of present interests, and encouragement for future success. NEHS is the organization for students who have experienced the power of literature, the pleasures of good writing, and the excitement of language studies. Attendance at LDHS for the equivalent of one semester:
    • Completion of two semesters of English prior to induction (freshman may not apply until the start of their sophomore year).
    • The achievement of a minimum overall and English grade point of 3.2 (on a 4.0 scale) prior to induction.
    • Completion of the application process.
    • Students must demonstrate an interest in the Language Arts. This will be verified by the members of the English Department.
    • Members must log 30 NEHS credits per year are attained through participation in meetings and activities.
      Advisor: Mr. Jason Keiner, Room 207
    "La Societe Honoraire de Francais," was organized in 1949 and is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Lower Dauphin is a member of the Susquehanna Chapter. Eligibility for membership requires a student to be enrolled in at least a French III level course; to have earned an A average in French, and to have exhibited qualities of good citizenship, character and leadership.
    Advisor: Mrs. Alyssa Klein, Room 1002 
    The National German Honor Society recognizes students who excel in their German studies. Membership is open to students beginning in grade 10 who have completed two years of German and who maintain the required grade level. Meetings of the NGHS will take place through the course of the school year.
    Advisor: Miss Judith Solensky, Room 1006 

    The National Honor Society is a service organization made up of academically talented juniors and seniors. The society encourages these students to use their abilities to the benefit of the school and community.

    The criteria for membership are a minimum 95% grade point average, approval by the faculty, and final recommendation by the Faculty Advisory Council on the basis of the student's demonstration of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. To maintain membership, members must do a minimum of 30 hours per year community service and keep up their GPA.

    Co-Advisors: Mrs. Janelle Bartal, Room 806; Mr. Chad Lister, Room 808

    Mu Alpha Theta is a national mathematics honor society for high school and college students. To be a member of Lower Dauphin's chapter, a student must have earned a 90% average (non-weighted) or higher in mathematics courses taken at the high school level, have completed Algebra II and be of sophomore standing or higher. Students will participate in tutoring and other projects related to the study of mathematics. Induction of new members will occur during the spring of each school year.
    Advisor: Mrs. Nicole Stultz, Room 908
    Science National Honor Society (SNHS) is for students who have attained an 87.5% or higher in honors level science classes and are currently enrolled in honors level science classes. Students are asked to join the society after their freshman year. The objectives of the SNHS are to encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought; advance the student's knowledge of classical and modern science; communicate with the scientific community; aid the civic community with its comprehension of science; and encourage students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all of mankind. In addition to attendance at monthly meetings, members are expected to participate in the chapter's two ongoing projects Falcon Fright Night (science department's Haunted Hallway) and the Garden of Knowledge.
    Advisor: Mrs. Dawn Koons, Mrs. Sarah Johnson, Small Cafeteria or Library
    The Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica is also known as the Spanish National Honor Society. This honor society was organized in 1953. The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese sponsor the Society. Lower Dauphin High School's chapter is called the Sevilla Chapter. The purpose of the Society is to recognize high achievement in Spanish and Portuguese by students of secondary schools and to promote continuity of interest in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian studies. Students must be enrolled in Spanish classes for more than two years. Students who have maintained an honor average in the study of Spanish for a minimum of three semesters, and who have exhibited outstanding character and leadership qualities, as attested to by their various teachers, are eligible for membership.
    Advisor: Mrs. Emily Markley, Room 1007
    Lower Dauphin's Quiz Bowl team competes at select tournaments throughout the school year, including participating in the television show Brain Busters. Skills necessary to be on the team include fast recall, a wide range of knowledge and a willingness to work with other team members. The team practices once a week. Students are selected for the team based on performance at practice and tournaments.
    Advisor/Coach: Mr. Doug Grove, Room 203

    The Ski Club provides the student body with an opportunity to learn, perfect and enjoy the sport of skiing and snowboarding.  The club travels to Ski Roundtop on Thursdays for 5 trips during the months of January and February.  All costs for passes, equipment rentals, lessons, food, and transportation are the responsibility of the student.  Except for the transportation fee, all purchases are made through the Ski Roundtop/Epic Pass website.  Sign-ups are accepted through Friday, December 8, 2023, for the 2024 season. Here are links to the Ski Club Information Packet and Registration Form.

    Advisor: Jennifer Little jlittle@ldsd.org

    The Spring Musical is an excellent opportunity for Lower Dauphin students to demonstrate their talents. Student involvement ranges from acting, singing, dancing, and playing in the pit orchestra, to assisting with set designs and staging. Student auditions take place in early winter and the production is scheduled for March 2-3-4, 2017.
    Advisor: Mrs. Valerie Stricker, Auditorium
    Crewmembers are expected to help construct and paint sets for the annual musical production. Members must be available for rehearsals and performances at least the two weeks before performances. Responsibilities include preparing the stage for performances, placing and moving sets and curtains and other chores that may be needed during performances.
    Advisor: Mr. Bryan Strawser, Auditorium


    The goal of the organization is to expose students to the different possibilities in the STEM fields which include science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Another goal is to create a culture that helps them feel supported so they are confident in whatever field they choose, within or outside of STEM.  Activities include hands-on challenges, presenters, presentations by members, and participation in STEM competitions.

    Advisor:  Dr. Elizabeth Kirman, Room 701

    The Student Council is a representative organization of and for the student body of Lower Dauphin High School. Student Council undertakes several activities such as the canned food drive, teacher appreciation breakfast and Homecoming festivities. Homecoming activities include the powder puff football game, spirit week and the Homecoming Dance. In addition to these activities, Student Council has organized the Mark French Benefit Dodgeball Tournament. Because of these events and others, the Student Council is a philanthropic association that works with numerous organizations both inside and outside of the school for the betterment of the school and community in general.
    Co-Advisors: Miss Emily Lockwood, Room 208; Mr. Scott Yoder, Room 201
    Learn what goes on behind the scenes at school plays and musicals. Tech crew creates the lighting design and runs sound for the stage. Learn how to run a soundboard and/or a light board along with other sound and lighting equipment. Members must be available for rehearsals and performances at least two weeks before performances. Any high school student may be a member.
    Advisor: Mr. Michael James, Room 505
    The Thespian Society promotes the development of theatrical interests among the student body. Thespian Society members participate in the fall play and various other extracurricular theater related activities.
    Advisor: Mr. Doug Grove, Room 203
    The Lower Dauphin Chapter of the N.M.H.S. provides exceptional music students with the opportunity to advance the music program in the school.

    Membership criteria includes: a "B" average in all classes, an "A" average in all music classes, member in good standing in at least one Lower Dauphin High School ensemble, recommendation and approval by the music faculty on the basis of demonstration of excellent character, leadership, service, cooperation, and musicianship in addition to an audition or report. Meetings are conducted monthly.

    Co-Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Colpo, Room 501
    Co-Advisor: Dr. Keith Richardson, Room 502
    The VolunTEEN club promotes the involvement of students in many school and community service activities. Volunteer opportunities are posted outside Room 806 on a weekly basis. Membership is open to all students in grades 9-12
    Co-Advisors: Mrs. Janelle Bartal, Room 806; Mr. Chad Lister, Room 808
    The Teen Republicans is an organization made up of students interested in government and our political system. The club meets on a regular basis to discuss personal and political ideation. Students are encouraged to express their own personal and political opinions on the topics that are discussed. The club also gets involved in political campaigns. Members have a chance to volunteer their time at the local, state, and national level. Everyone is welcome, regardless of political affiliation. The club is open to all students in grades 9-12.
    Advisor: Mr. Nathan Espenshade, Counseling Office

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