• The Student Council is an organization around which many student activities revolve. It is made up of approximately 40 members. Student Council officers and eight senators from each class are elected by a majority vote of the student body in the spring of each year. Ninth-grade senators are elected in the fall. Those who don’t wish to hold a position are still welcome to participate as a nonvoting member-at-large.

    Student Council is a very busy organization whose main objective is the promotion of citizenship, school spirit, and good will among students, faculty, administrators, parents and the community.

    Student Council engages in a wide range of activities that include New Student Orientation, Homecoming, charity drives, Christmas spirit activities, Faculty and Staff Appreciation, fundraisers and activities to help the needs of the community and others.

    We encourage all students who wish to make a difference to join Student Council.

    Co-Advisor: Mr. Scott Payonk
    Co-Advisor: Mr. Doug Grove