Middle School Therapeutic Autism Support (TAS) Class


    The Therapeutic Autism Support team at Lower Dauphin Middle School provides social, emotional, behavioral and academic supports across all school settings.  Students receive daily direct instruction in the areas of Executive Functioning, Decision Making and Responsible Behaviors, Self Awareness and Self-Management, Establishing and Maintaining Relationships and Autism Awareness. Collaboration occurs between teachers, families, guidance counselors, and administrators as well as outside agency representatives to support students’ success within their educational program.  The goal of this program is to provide a structured and supportive environment while developing independence. 


    Students have access to related services if appropriate, which include Social Work services, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.  These services are provided during a Social Communications class period that is built into the students' schedules.  In addition to these services, students are asked to participate in adventure based activities that include cooperative initiatives, non-competitive games, group discussions, and experiential field trips.  These trips include bowling, hiking, and other community-based experiences where the students can practice skills taught inside the classroom.


    Our Team


    Brian Keating MS TAS teacher

    Jamie Ream   Class Therapist (True North Wellness)

    Cindy Morris  Para Educator

    Idalee Simpson Para Educator