Mr. Fuhrman's  Early American History and Geography/Early Civilizations Class
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    Bonhomme Richard
    Yankee Privateer with Grand Union Flag (1776)
    Uruk        Queen Puabi
                                                                           Model of Uruk in Mesopotamia                            Queen Puabi of Ur

    town  barns
    Model of Central Pennsylvania Town (1830)
    Biographical Information
    Mr. Fuhrman is from the Philadelphia area (#FLYEAGLESFLY), graduating from North Penn High School in 1992. He attended Millersville University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in History, with a minor in Political Science.  In 1996 he was  honored with a tuition scholarship and teaching internship to Villanova University, where he studied and co-taught an introductory course in World History. Villanova's History department awarded a master’s degree to Mr. Fuhrman in 1999. In 2009 he joined the Social Studies department at Lower Dauphin Middle School teaching Early Civilizations. Now he teaches 8th grade Early American History and 7th grade Geography/Early Civilizations.  Additionally, Mr. Fuhrman was the director of the Lower Dauphin Middle School Theater from 2010 to 2016. In 2012 he Co-wrote the Historical play Tales From The History Of Hummelstown: 1763-2012. From 2015 to 2020 he was a coach on the travel baseball teams Harrisburg Hornets and Brookside Bandits. He is the father of three.
    Mr Fuhrman's Student of the Year
    -2023-2024 American winner Emily Hoffman/ -Woodmanlife Katie Heck/- Early Civ Adalaide Clouser
    -2022-2023 American winner Maya Sessoms/ -Woodmanlife Syney More/- Early Civ Lorelei Hoffer
    -2021-2022 American winner Dawson Rodney/ -2021-2022 Early Civ Nathan Fortenberry
    -2020-2021 winner  Lizzie Day/ -Woodman Life Tori Tharp/ -Early Civ Emily Zerai
    -2019-2020 winner Caleb Eisenhaur/ -2019-2020 Early Civ Faith Faushnight
    -2018-2019 winner Alysa Harbilas
    -2017-2018 winner Marisa Kopec
    -2016-2017 winners Steven Manetta          -Woodman Life American History- Nischal Adhikira
    -2015-2016 winner Madi Miduri
    -2014-2015 winner Luke Miller
    -2013-2014 winner Kelly Barr 
    -2012-2013 winner Chiara Meyers
    -2011-2012 winner Jacob Beers
    -2010-2011 winner Allison Harnsberger