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    Students in 7th grade will be learning Exploratory German, Exploratory Spanish and Computer Safety during their language/special courses.   Exploratory German/Latin is 9 weeks long and students then proceed to Computer Safety.  If they have these 2 courses in the Fall Semester, they will then finish the year with Spanish for the Spring Semester.  
    Students are able to select French I, German I, Latin I and Spanish I in 8th grade and study that world language the entire year.  Then they can select the 2nd year of that language in high school in 9th grade, or they could switch to a different language if they wish in 9th grade also. 
    Homework for each night is posted on the Canvas Calendar.   In addition students can also access the homework by looking on the board, the bulletin board in my room at the middle school. Homework is graded on ACCURACY and is due when the student enters the classroom.  It is crucial that homework is completed when it is assigned and that a student's best effort is exerted when doing the homework as when one is learning/speaking a foreign language it is very important to be as accurate as possible.  Students SHOULD NOT use any translator device.  Everything they will need is found in their notes or their textbook if they are in the first full year of a course. 
    Here you will find information about what is going on in my classroom!
     If you see your child with nothing to do, they can review any of their vocabulary at any time through the use of Quizlet.  Directions for quizlet are also located on my web page.  
    If you or your parent/guardian need to speak with me just email me ! My contact information is at the bottom of the page.
    Please find attached also a copy of the 8th grade  Latin I Syllabi,  and the 7th/8th grade Exploratory German Syllabus. Syllabi for Levels 2-4 are located on CANVAS.