• Welcome to my class!   I currently teach 2 courses:  Reading and 21st Century Skills


    Not all 7th graders have reading class at this time.  We do a variety of activities to strengthen reading skills.  Primarily we focus on strategies that students can use with literature vs. informational text (non-fiction).  I really enjoy the Kylene Beers and Robert Probst book Notice & Note: Strategies for Close Reading  and we discuss these and work with these strategies the most.  Not to say that we do not do any others because we do!  We read 3 novels together as a class as well. 


    All 7th graders have this course alternating with their Physical Education classes.  There are 3 of us that teach this course, so not all 7th graders have me.  In this class, we learn about ourselves and our brains and apply that to how we learn.  Once we figure that out (the best we can), we discuss good ways to stay organized and study.  We also practice reading strategies including text structure.  Also, look for some coding activities!  Finally, we spend the last part of the year discussing soft skills and careers.  


    I can't wait to meet you!   We're going to have a magical time!