Having fun in Tech-Ed!

     Welcome to Middle School Technology Education.

    Where you design & build your future!

      Mr. Barry Lopatic is one of two Middle School Technology Education teachers here at Lower Dauphin Middle School.  Barry is a Middletown Area H.S., Millersville University & Wilkes University graduate.  In addition to teaching at LD he is the M.S. Cross Country head coach.  During his leisure time Mr. Lopatic enjoys bicycling, having competed in Enduro, BMX, dual slalom, down hill and cross-country racing where he was ranked nationally. He also enjoys the company of his five children: Cerise, Pierce, Sonya, Dillon & Ryhan!  Exploring the outdoors, riding motorcycles, fishing, traveling, music and playing a variety of sports rounds out his interests.
     He welcomes his students into the exciting world of Technology Education... a  curriculum packed with hands-on, minds-on activities and projects.  Technology is evolving at an amazing pace, many of the fields our students can pursue and many of the everyday items we use will disappear or be replaced by emerging technologies. We are here to help prepare our students, to help them embrace this change and grow with it.  Employers are demanding that their workers be technologically proficient, able to operate computers, copiers, scanners, palm pilots, communication devices, cameras, etc..  They need to be able to read technical manuals, write and communicate technically, and interact positively with others.   They also need associates who can solve problems, wear more than one hat and be a reliable worker.  It all starts at school and at home.  We live in a technical world demanding technical solutions.  Tech-Ed is a valuable piece of our educational experience and should be pursued whole heartedly by each student.