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    Who is Mrs. Levis?
    Educational Background
    I am beginning my 32nd year of teaching. Although I graduated from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio (1989) with a Bachelor's Degree and certifications in Elementary and Special Education, and began my teaching career in Ohio, the past 27 years have been right here in Lower Dauphin. 7th and 8th grade learning support, 4th grade and 5th grade are the levels of students I have taught in addition to 6th grade. I have a Master's Degree in Teaching and Curriculum from Penn State University, and I am certified as a Reading Specialist as well.
    I teach social studies for the East Team. There are four main units explored throughout the year:  JA BizTown-Economics, United States Government, North America, and South America. We introduce the 5 themes of geography as well. It is my goal for you to want to learn about the world around you, so we will periodically discuss current events related to our units of study. Take pride in being a citizen of the United States, but be accepting of others who may think and learn differently than you.
    It is possible that your schedule will include me for morning homeroom, social studies, and afternoon homeroom. We will get to know each other well as we begin the year as strangers but end the year as LD family.
    Beyond the regular school day, I am a middle school yearbook advisor along with Ms. Nissel on the West Team. The yearbook staff meets once a cycle during 11th period every Day 3 during the school year, and we regularly have after-school meetings and activities to complete the many tasks of creating a book of memories for the school and community. I hope that you find an activity you enjoy here at school. There is a lot of research suggesting that participating in a school activity builds friendships and helps improve grades. Make it a goal to get involved in your new school in some way this year.   
    Personal Information
    After the school day ends, I become a full-time mother of four boys: Collin Shae, Ethan Clae, Dylan Trae, and Brennen Jae.
    Collin graduated from Kutztown University, majoring in math. He moved to Chicago in June to begin his first job as an actuary. His favorite activities include going to the gym, playing pick up basketball, shooting pool, and listening to music. He also has a cat named Lincoln, who is loud and mischievous.
    Ethan is a senior at West Virginia University and is studying global supply chain management. He also works at Wegmans in different departments and Door Dashes when home from college. He loves the "city vibe" at WVU and is happy to live independently in his Sigma Nu fraternity house. He, too, enjoys listening to music, and you can often hear him humming a tune.
    Dylan, a senior at Cumberland Valley High School, loves to play basketball. AAU basketball tournaments fill our weekends. When he is not playing organized basketball, he can be found at the West Shore YMCA working out with his neighborhood friends or watching movies.
    Brennen is my 16-year-old who is in 11th grade at CV. Playing volleyball for our high school is a sport he didn't try until he was a 9th grade student. He continues to improve and compete at a high level. He loves to cook and lift weights at the YMCA too. YouTube videos often give him ideas for building obstacle courses in the backyard for mountain biking. Kayaking is another hobby, and he recently built a fire pit area in our backyard. 
    In addition to my children, I am the proud "mom" of a 13-year-old morkie, maltese and yorkie mix, named Lola Mae. She provides our home with lots of laughs as she loves to steal the boys' socks or eat their breakfasts if they leave the table for even a few seconds! She weighs less than 9 pounds but finds herself in some kind of trouble every single day. 
    My husband and I find that our days pass by very quickly, but we enjoy every minute. This fall we will celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary.
    My friends and students have described me as highly organized, positive, strict, loud, fun, and energetic. I enjoy walking, visiting the YMCA for weight training, listening to music, watching reality TV, watching and playing sports, traveling, and reading. I hope that you will get to know me as the year moves along.
    Favorite Things image
    Additional favorites:
    Food: Chinese or Mexican
    Color: Lime green
    Movie: Monsters Inc. or Toy Story
    TV Show: Chicago Med, Fire, and PD or HGTV
    Store: Target or Staples
    Dessert: Chocolate ANYTHING!
    Place: Any place I haven't visited
    I look forward to learning all about you and your family.

    Welcome to middle school.  Have a great year!