• Hello Conewago,                                                                                            

    Conewago Elementary School will provide a strong academic base for your child while offering a personal and family style environment to enjoy.  Our small school offers a unique culture that will allow students to explore their own personal academic interests, meet new friends, learn in a comfortable setting, and be challenged by a wonderful group of teachers and staff.  Our staff believes that happy students make good learners, and we strive to create a receptive and positive environment for all our students to learn happily.

    Our unique and beautiful school offers each student an opportunity to express themselves in an educational setting that provides each student the resources and supports needed to grow and develop.

    If you wish to learn more about Conewago, to take a tour, sit down and learn about the building and the wonderful people that make up our family, please reach out to me.

    David P. Wuestner, Sr.


    (717) 367-5451