• updated 6/4/2020

    Hi Conewago Families,


    It has been my pleasure to serve you this year at Conewago Elementary School.  The last 55 days of the school year were certainly a journey that most of us will never forget, but the sense of community and togetherness was the strength that got us all to the finish line.

    I know that I speak for the entire staff when I say "thank you" for the long hours you spent at home  alongside your children doing school.  This whole experience has opened our eyes to so many things, I hope the take aways are mostly positive and that we move ahead better as a result.

    Please enjoy the summer of 2020.  The Conewago Office will open on Tuesday, June 9th, and will be open throughout the summer.  To be sure your needs will be met, when possible, please call ahead before coming so we can promptly serve you.

    Have a great Summer Conewago! 

    David P. Wuestner, Sr.


    (717) 367 – 5451