• Welcome to Conewago Elementary School!

    I have learned that Conewago Elementary School is a great place to be; for students, family members, and staff.  Our community is full of people who want to learn, live, and enjoy life together.  

    It has been my pleasure to work at Conewago since July 1, 2019.  I have been welcomed by all of the students in a most wonderful way.  I have enjoyed getting to know many of them, getting into their classrooms on a daily basis, and listening to them learn and grow.  Our culture and climate is exceptional as we all view each other as one big family.

    Speaking of our family, the teachers and staff that are a part of this family are tremendous.  What a plesure it has been for me to watch them work with our children. Their committment to the students at Conewago is first class!

    I have also had the pleasure of getting to know many of the parents in our unique community.  It is so great to have the cooperation and support of families and friends as we  embark on this educational journey together.

    Please feel free to reach out to me at any time to discuss our school! I love talking about it!



    Dr. David P. Wuestner Sr.,

    (717) 367 - 5451