• Welcome to Room 120!
     I hope you're ready for a fantastic year.  We will learn so many new things this year!   My goal is to meet my students where they are in their educational journey and help them grow in their learning. I also value consistent teacher- parent communication and believe when the teacher and parents are on the same page, it makes for a more enjoyable year for everyone. Your children will be treated as individuals, with unique life experiences that bring them to where they are today. They will be valued as a member of our school, classroom, and community, and will add to our diverse learning community. There will be a lot of new information presented this year and we will begin the year setting the foundation for our learning.

    Here is a sneak peak at some things you can expect:

    Reading- We will build our reading skills so we are confident readers in a variety of reading genres. You can help at home by reading a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts including: biography, science fiction, fantasy, informational, mystery, expository, descriptive, manuals to teach how to use something (kid friendly), cookbooks, recipes, letters, etc. The idea is that children learn the difference between all of these types of texts, can identify the difference between them, and can produce their own writing in a few of the genres listed below.We also focus on taking independent reading benchmarks tests and learning strategies to be an effective test taker. In addition to fiction and nonfiction selections, text dependent questions and strategies to effectively understand and answer them, will also be worked on throughout the year.

    Writing- Our three major projects and independent prompts will be (not necessarily in order) * Narrative, *Informational, and *Opinion. Students will be guided through the process for each writing genre, shown several examples, taught skills to carry them through their writing, and then produce their own project and also be tested with an individual prompt.

    Math- Students will build on what they learned in first grade, while also learning new concepts to broaden their knowledge of mathematical operations and be able to use them well in a variety of ways.

    Science- Students will develop a basic knowledge of insects, air, weather, balance and motion and be expected to demonstrate understanding of the topics and participate in class activities.

    Social Studies- Students will continue to develop their knowledge of our community, country and world, expected to demonstrate understanding of the topics and participate in class activities.

    If you would like to contact me, I can be reached by calling the school office at 367-7233 or by sending me an e-mail at kmorgan@ldsd.org .