Welcome to Music!! 
    I hope everyone is well and making the most of their time at home! I'm missing all the Conewago smiles and so I hope we can return to school soon :) 
    But until we do get back into our classrooms I have provided several activities to use as reviews so we can stay just as sharp as ever. You can find these review activities to the left listed as "Music Review" followed by the grade. These activities are just for fun and should be reviews of everything taught in music class this year (although I do not have all of Mrs. B's materials and activities from when she subbed for me in the fall), as well as reviews of things taught in previous years. You can make your way through the activities in order given, or jump around as you explore whatever catches your eye. These review activities will stay up for the remainder of the year so you have something fun to supplement the weekly music assignments. 
    I've left up the SQUILT page for those who would like to do a listening or two at home. If you take a trip down memory lane on the SQUILT page, draw up your own SQUILT Journal page or find the bundle of them at the top of the webpage. 
    I've also provided links to some online musical games or websites to have some fun with. My favorite is the Chrome Music Lab, there's quite a few activities there and opportunities to be creative with sound! Below those websites, I've left Mrs. B's recomendations for games practicing note names. Have fun!
    Starting on Monday, April 6th each classroom teacher will send out the new music assignment for you to do. The assignment will come with a link to a Google Form, this form must be completed to receive credit toward your grade for music class. I expect each music assignment to take no more than 10 minutes so if you are having trouble, please let me know!
    If you have questions, need some more direction, or want to share how an activity went for you please feel welcome to drop me a line at jodonnell@ldsd.org. I'd love to hear from you!