Community Relations
    The purpose of the school-community relations program is to establish and maintain a program that informs the public of and involves them in the goals and services of the Lower Dauphin School District. Toward this end, the district shall provide parents and other district residents with information about the work of their public schools.
    Among the methods of communication with district stakeholders, the following shall be employed:
    • The district's web site www.ldsd.org;
    • The district's quarterly newsletter, Know Your Schools;
    • Other district publications, including the district calendar and special projects; 
    • Utilization of print and broadcast media through the issuance of press releases; and
    • Service on various community boards, including High on Kids and Lower Dauphin Communities That Care.
    It is the goal of the Lower Dauphin community relations program to inform the public about the Lower Dauphin School District and provide a clearinghouse of information about the district, its events and activities and other appropriate information.
    For more information or to reach the district's coordinator of communications, please contact Jim Hazen by phone at 717-566-5307 or via e-mail at jhazen@ldsd.org.