As a first-grade teacher here at Londonderry Elementary, I can assure you that you'll always find something exciting going on in our classroom. This is such an exciting time in the lives of our students and I feel privileged to share in their growing process.
    I have included a few  notes on this site to help parents know how they can help provide for a positive year for their child.
    Our typical daily routine consists of:
    Opening Activities (Lunch count, Attendance and Pledge of Allegiance)
    Movement Activity
    Language Arts Skills Instruction / Fundations
    Reading Groups and ELA Centers
    Silent Reading
    Circletime (calendar, weather, counting, oral language, class news)
    Writing Workshop
    "Special" Class
    Social Studies/Science
    Read Aloud
    Class Jobs
    I believe that parent/teacher communication is a key factor in your child's education. I will do my best to keep all parents informed and I hope that you will do the same for me. A monthly newsletter will  be sent home via email or with your child.  Feel free to contact me by sending a note to school with your child, leaving me a voice mail message at the school office 944-9462 (ext. 103), sending me a Dojo message or sending me an e-mail at ceberhard@ldsd.org .   Please send me ALL email addresses for any parents or guardians who will need to receive important information about our class this year.