• Welcome to East Hanover Elementary School! We are very excited about all the possibilities that lie before us this year.

    This will be my second year as principal here at East Hanover, coming from Nye Elementary School where I was principal for eight years. However, both my daughters attended East Hanover so I am very familiar with the school. As an East Hanover parent, I know our staff is committed to their students and our students are actively engaged in the learning process. Learning is a growing experience. It builds upon itself. Our goal here at East Hanover will be to continue to inspire students to want to learn more all the time and to get excited about what they are learning and how they learn.

    I want every student who attends East Hanover Elementary School to be excited about being here each day.

    Our school is an exciting place. There is always something new or interesting taking place within and around our halls. If you would like to learn more about our school, please feel free to contact us at 717-469-2686. Or, email me, Bryan MacLeod at bmacleod@ldsd.org.

    Thank you for visiting,


    Bryan MacLeod

    East Hanover Elementary School