The Lower Dauphin School District tax office is your first source for answers to questions about school taxation. To contact the tax office, please call Mrs. Sheri Bell at (717) 566-5311.
    You may also contact your local tax collector if you have questions about tax rates and bills. A complete list of tax collectors is included on this section of the Lower Dauphin website.
    If you have questions about your property assessment, please contact the Dauphin County Office of Tax Assessment at (717) 780-6101 or via e-mail at taxassessment@dauphinc.org. An overview of the county system of assessment can be found here.

    Occupation Tax Exemptions

    Forms for exemption from the Occupational Assessment Tax may be obtained from your tax collector or from the district tax office. You may also download an exemption form this section of the website by clicking the tax office forms link at left.
    Exemption forms should be returned to your tax collector along with the per capita payment due. The following are the amounts due for per capita taxes: 
    • Residents of Conewago Township and Hummelstown Borough:
      • July-Aug $9.80; 
      • Sep-Oct $10.00;   
      • Nov-Dec $11.00.
    • Residents of Townships of Londonderry, East Hanover or South Hanover:
      • July-Aug $14.70;   
      • Sep-Oct $15.00; 
      • Nov-Dec $16.50.
    Checks should be payable to your tax collector whose name appears on your tax notice. If you did not receive a tax notice, please contact the Lower Dauphin tax office at 566-5311.
    In order to qualify for occupation tax exemption your total Pennsylvania taxable income (including all sources taxed by the state) must be less than $6,000. If you have no W-2 earnings, no self-employment income and no earned income reported to you on a 1099 you do not have to count your unearned income such as interest or dividends towards the $6,000 income limit. Regular pensions and social security payments received are non-taxable by the State and therefore are not included as income by Lower Dauphin School District.
    Deadline to file exemption requests is December 31.
    Application for Tuition Payment
    The Lower Dauphin Tax Office is also where you may obtain a form to apply for tuition payment for attendance at Harrisburg Area Community College. A copy of this form is also included in this section of the website.
    To be eligible for tuition payment for attendance at Harrisburg Area Community College you must meet the following eligibility requirements:
    • Residency in the Lower Dauphin School District on July 1
    • Residency in Lower Dauphin for the past year or moved in from a sponsoring school district.
    • Acceptance in an approved on-campus program at HACC.

    You may be asked to prove your eligibility by providing documents including but not limited to driver’s license, rental agreement, and/or payroll address verification.

    If your eligibility status changes subsequent to the filing of this application, you are responsible for notification to both Harrisburg Area Community College and the Lower Dauphin School District within 30 days of such change.