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    Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation

    Enhancing Opportunities, Expanding Horizons

    The Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation was formed as a way for the community to show its pride in our students and to help support and enhance additional programs for them.

    The Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, was established in 2006 to foster greater community support in the education and development of the students in the Lower Dauphin School District.

    Its purpose as an independent public charitable organization is to encourage community-wide participation and philanthropy to enhance and expand enrichment opportunities for all students in the Lower Dauphin School District. It is the goal of the Foundation to ensure long-range financial flexibility for schools within the District.

    The focus of the Falcon Foundation is to develop pathways by which stakeholders in the district’s community can make available resources to existing and future academic as well as extra-curricular programs to meet identified needs and interests of students.

    The Falcon Foundation is governed by elected officers drawn from community volunteers and is guided by formal By-Laws. The Foundation will function separately from the Lower Dauphin Board of School Directors, but within the framework of the policies established by that governing body.

    The objectives of the Foundation include the following:

    • to encourage community and private sector relationships which serve the interests and needs of Lower Dauphin School District students;
    • to solicit ongoing charitable contributions that establish a strong financial base to ensure the continued existence and effectiveness of programs that benefit the education, growth and opportunities of the Lower Dauphin School District students;
    • to initiate fundraising projects and events to benefit various programs and facilities of the Lower Dauphin School District;
    • to serve as a catalyst for efforts to bring positive attention to the Lower Dauphin School District;
    • to accumulate, manage, invest and distribute funds to the Lower Dauphin School District consistent with these purposes.