• MR. KAYLOR                                                          
    Room:  102     
    Email:  dkaylor@ldsd.org   
    Phone:  717-566-5330 Ext. 2002

    2019-2020 Class Schedule:
    Period 1 - Senior Math
    Period 2 - PREP
    Period 3 - Study Hall
    Period 4 - Algebra 1A
    Period 5/6 -Algebra 1A 
    Period 7/8 - Albebra 1A
    Period 9 - LUNCH C
    Period 10 - Algebra 1A
    Period 11 - Senior Math

    Welcome to Mr. Kaylor's Website.  Use the links on the left hand side of the page to find my class rules, personal electronic devices policy, and current classes.  Under each class link on the left you will find resources for students and parents.  Additional infromation and resources are available by clicking the link to my the Canvas pages and logiging into your account.  All topics, assignments, , assessments and dates listed on Canvas and my website are subject to change.  Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.