• The Future Ready PA Index is a comprehensive progress report that provides parents and community members with easy-to-understand information about Pennsylvania schools and student success. The Future Ready PA Index is a collection of school progress measures related to school and student success. The Index includes a range of assessment, on-track, and readiness indicators, to more accurately report student learning, growth, and success in the classroom and beyond. The Future Ready PA Index site is located at https://futurereadypa.org

    The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) reports additional state, local education agency (LEA), school, and student group-level data via the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) State Report Card. The ESSA State Report Card will be accessible via the Future Ready PA Index and will be updated as new data elements become available.

    PDE's ESSA Report Card is designed to provide education leaders and all stakeholders with additional data on student outcomes and equity considerations. ESSA requires that each state track data and hold schools and LEAs accountable for the performance of the following student groups: economically disadvantaged students, children with disabilities, English learners, and students from major racial and ethnic groups (Asian, Black, Hispanic, Multi-Racial, NA or AK Native, Native HI or Other Pacific Islander, and White).

    Links to schools' ESSA Report Cards are below:

    Lower Dauphin School District

    Lower Dauphin High School

    Lower Dauphin Middle School

    Price School

    Conewago Elementary School

    East Hanover Elementary School

    Londonderry Elementary School

    Nye Elementary School

    South Hanover Elementary School