Dear Volunteer,

    Welcome! Thank you for volunteering your services to the students and staff of Lower Dauphin School District. We believe members of our community have a role in helping to prepare our children to be productive members of society. With that belief in mind, we encourage you to participate in the education of our children by sharing your time and talents.

    As of 2015 Pennyslvania State law requires all volunteers to have the following, before being allowed to actively volunteer within a school district:

    • State Police Criminal History Record – Act 34 (Dated within the last 5 years)
    • Federal Criminal History Background Check – Act 114 (Dated within the last 5 years)
      • OR Affidavit if you have lived in Pennsylvania for ten or more years
    • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance – Act 151 (Dated within the last 5 years)
    • TB test results (Results must read negative and be dated within the last 90 days)
    • Signed Volunteer Information Form

    Knowing this can be a confusing process, we have put together this information to help make things a little easier to understand.

    Thank you in advance for the dedication you will show to our students, staff, and district!




    Do you need a clearance? In accordance with PA law, we have developed a chart to assist our staff and volunteers to understand when clearances are required prior to contact with students. You can view the chart here.




    We ask that you keep our Falcon Volunteer Code of Conduct in mind while in our buildings volunteering. You can read it here.




    We understand there might be a lot of questions about this process so we've put together a list of the most frequently asked questions. You can find that here.




     You can find all the directions on how to complete the required clearances here. If you have questions, please look through our Frequently Asked Questions section to see if we might have answered it already.



    -TB TESTS- 

     You will need to supply TB test results before you can become a Volunteer. You can get this done at your doctor's office. They will apply the test to your forearm and you will go back to get the test results read in 2-4 days. (Each office is different and will tell you when to come back.)
    When your test has been read we will need the following information on the results sheet.
    • Your name
    • The date the test was read
    • The results of the test

    Some find it easier to go to a local urgent care to have a test administered without needing to schedule an appointment.

    • Note: Please check with your medical insurance provider to see if there is an additonal cost for this option.




     To further review Lower Dauphin School District's board policies please go to our website.
    You can read board policy 916 pertaining to Volunteers here.
    You can read board policy 806 pertaining to Child Abuse here.


    Please contact Lower Dauphin School District Human Resources.
    By phone (717) 566-5303
    Last Updated on 03/15/2021