• Welcome to Third Grade!

    This is a big year for students and parents as it is a transition year from a primary grade to an intermediate grade. It's full of excitement and opportunities for your child(ren) to show everyone how much they care about learning and working together as a new team. As with each grade, everyone begins at a slightly different place, but together we learn to read and write in cursive, write a multi-paragraph essay, multiply and divide, tell time to the minute and understand elapsed time, read and analyze more complicated text, sustain independent reading for longer periods of time, and become more independent with school routines and homework.  Of course there is so much more, but it is important to know that your thrid-grade classroom is a safe, happy place in which everyone works to fill each other's bucket.   

    Parents, I will ask each of you to connect to ClassDojo.  Information about ClassDojo will come home on the first day your child attends school.  If you need to reach me, please call the Londonderry office at 717-944-9462.  I can also be reached via email at sbastian@ldsd.org.

    I look forward to meeting your family.