• Welcome to 4th Grade 

    I am excited to kick off a new school year in 4th Grade.  Throughout the school year we will build upon our strengths and look for opportunities to develop areas of growth.  This is a year to show off our reading skills, master math facts and apply our learning to real world experiences. 

    This is also a great year for field trips.  We travel to the Pennsylvania State Capitol, located in our state capital, Harrisburg. We also get to experience the history of our state with a visit to the great city of Philadelphia.  Long before Pennsylvania had great sports teams, it was the home to many great leaders who shaped not only our Commonwealth, but our Country.  In fourth grade we get the opportunity to learn more about where we live and inspiring leaders from Pennsylvania. 

    Every year I look forward to welcoming a new class.  I love to discover what you are reading, what our are interesting in outside of school and how you feel about learning.  Learning what makes each of my students unique allows me to create a classroom community that is goal focused and a little silly.  I think we learn best when we work together, take risks and reflect on our struggles and successes.

    I look forward to learning with you throughout the year. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at tmosner@ldsd.org.
    See you soon! 

    4th Graders can visit The Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia.  Flag hanging at The Besty Ross House in Philadelphia.  There are many great sites to visit in Philadelphia.