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    Oh, Hi There!

         A little about myself... I am a Lower Dauphin alumni. During my time as a student at Lower Dauphin, I was a member of the Lower Dauphin High Swim Team. I went on to earn my undergraduate degree at George Mason University, where I continued my swimming career and also got a bachelors degree in mathematics with a concentration on secondary education. I recently earned my masters degree in STEM education with Penn State. I love being back at Lower Dauphin and honored to be working with the amazing students of Lower Dauphin. Outside of the classroom, I love to spend my time playing with my three dogs or watching movies. I also enjoy sewing and doing different art projects to decorate my house. I am also the coordinator of the Falcon Pack Program (please feel free to reach out to me with questions)

         This year my classes include Applied Math, AP Statistics and Honors Algebra 2. I also have experience of teaching Algebra 1A and CP Algebra 2. I post everything from class (notes and homework) along with keys to an app called OneNote. Students set up this app during the first week of school. It can be accessed through Canvas under the tab "Class Notebook" or through the app (laptop, tablet or phone). I encourage you to check OneNote/ canvas to follow along with what is going on in the classroom. If a student is absent from class, they are responsible for following along with any notes taken during class by checking OneNote or asking their peers. 


         You can reach me easily by email, smaurer@ldsd.org.  You can also call the school and leave a message.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns or questions.


    Trust me I'm a Radical math teacher