• Welcome to the Lower Dauphin Middle School Gifted Education Support Page, also called USA (Unique Student Activities).


    Room Location: 202 (just beside the Library)


    Teacher: Michelle Kullman 

    Contact: mkullman@ldsd.org or 717-566-5310


    Program Overview

    Lower Dauphin School District is committed to an educational program that recognizes individual student differences, abilities, interests and needs. Our goal is to enrich the education of all students through events and activities designed to expose students to a variety of challenging and high-order critical and creative thinking experiences. 


    Embodied in this commitment is a responsibility to academically gifted and talented students to help them maximize their high potential and allow them to thrive, flourish, and create. Our Middle School Gifted Education Program is designed to meet the needs of these students. Providing them with enhanced, differentiated instruction, in the form of acceleration and/or enrichment, enables us to nurture the diverse talents and abilities of our student body.