• Lower Dauphin School District


    Curriculum Guide


    Subject:  English/Language Arts                     Grade Level(s):  First Grade


    Synopsis of Curriculum

    The English/Language Arts curriculum is divided into five general areas: Foundational Skills, Speaking and Listening, Reading Informational Text, Reading Literature, and Writing.  First grade students will learn to read on-level text with purpose and understanding while improving accuracy in word identification, rate and expression.  They will learn and apply phonics strategies to include sounds in syllable and words, blends and digraphs.  Students will build on their ability to identify the main idea and key details of a text and be able to identify the author’s purpose for writing the text or the message the author is trying to convey.  The students will also be able to refer to the text when answering and asking questions.  First grade students will learn to write in a logical order and to use the proper conventions of writing.  They will use their writing to tell a story, support a topic or explain their opinion.


    Units of Study Titles

    Foundational Skills

    Speaking and Listening

    Reading Informational Text

    Reading Literature