• School Counseling Links

    The following links are provided as resources for students and their families.  While we do our best to find helpful, quality websites, please notify us if they are no longer in use and/or if there are concerns about the material offered on any site. 
    Students are encouraged to log on to the Naviance Family Connection powered by Naviance to assist students with their college and career planning process.  This comprehensive site utilizes many tools to assist in long- term career planning.  Be sure to check out the scholarship listing too.  Students must log in to personal accounts, where one can access and save information.  Please contact your counselor for your personal log-in ID. 


    This site provides study skills tips for all types of students and links to test preparation (such as college entrance and placement, military testing and the GED test).

    This site provides free SAT Prep program online that incorporates a catalog of over 100 math, reading, and writing study guides, 5000 SAT vocabulary flash cards, practice quizzes/explanations, and simulated practice tests.

    Capital Region Partnership for Career Development 


    This link can help parents and students find valuable tools to utilize in finding careers and direction after high school.  It also contains great resources K-12!
    Pennsylvania Career Guide 
    The link to the  PA Career Guide is: PA Center for Workforce Information
    The Pennsylvania Career Guide contains information about growing occupations, educational requirements, training opportunities and salary information.  There is also a section that allows students to explore their interests to refine their career searching.



    Information about careers in Pennsylvania.



    Sponsored by AES (American Education Service) for career and post-secondary searching and planning.



    The College Board sponsors the SAT test and AP programs and it has extensive college links as well as major and career information.  When students create a portfolio, they can save their information over time and sign up for the "SAT question of the day".



    The ACT is another college entrance exam (similar to the SAT).  This site offers information about the test and a means to register.


    The NCAA sponsors both of these web site for prospective college student athletes.  Learn more about eligibility criteria and sign up for the Clearinghouse service for athletes.



    This site sponsors  free scholarship searches and financial resources for students and parents.
    Reported to be the largest collection of scholarships ever assembled, available free of charge  In addition to scholarships free ACT and SAT practice tests and Study Guides are available to students.



    Learn about financial aid and complete financial aid paperwork for post-secondary schools.



    The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency sponsors this site to help students and parents learn more about financial aid and navigate through the process.


    http://www.educationplanner.org/students/my-smart-borrowing/index.shtml  This site offers students and families in-depth information on educational borrowing.  My Smart Borrowing is a tool with many features that can help students to make thoughtful decisions.


    This site gives valuable information about all branches of the military and useful links for those who need to prepare for the ASVAB test.


    Registration for the selective service may be completed at this website or call toll-free 1-888-655-1825.
    All 18-year-old men (including U.S. citizens living abroad and non-citizen immigrant males 18-25 residing in the U.S.) must register.  Registration must be completed withing 30 days of your 18th birthday.

    For students who are interested in taking the ASVAB (the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) or who wish to learn more about the test prep for military service.



    **Looking for more detailed career information?  Try "googling" the professional associations or organizations within a particular career - they often provide valuable insight!  For example, try the American Physical Therapy Association at www.apta.org for more info about being a Physical Therapist.  Or, perhaps you would like to be an Architect -- try www.aia.org for the American Institute of Architects.


Last Modified on August 1, 2019