• School Counseling Links

    The following links are provided as resources for students and their families.  While we do our best to find helpful, quality websites, please notify us if they are no longer in use and/or if there are concerns about the material offered on any site. 

    Athletic & Career Exploration

    • Education Planner: www.educationplanner.org Making decisions about colleges and careers can seem overwhelming. This site is here to help with career and post-secondary searching and planning.
    • NCAA Eligibility Center: http://eligibilitycenter.org This is part of the NCAA that ensures recruits meet the minimum academic requirements and are considered an amateur athlete for all DI and DII student-athletes. The NCAA does not provide guidance on how to get or maintain college eligibility, it merely determines eligibility.
    • PA Career Zone:www.pacareerzone.com Students can learn more about who they are and what they are interested in doing.
    • Pennsylvania Center for Information & Workforce Analysis: PA Center for Workforce Information This guide contains information about growing occupations, educational requirements, training opportunities and salary information. Students can explore their interests to refine their career search.
    • Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA): www.pheaa.orgThe Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency sponsors this site to help students and parents learn how to navigate the financial aid and student loan process. Check out their FREE EducationPlanner site for loads of college and career planning information. This "one-stop career and college planning website offers useful resources for classroom activities and downloadable worksheets.

    **Looking for more detailed career information?  Try "googling" the professional associations or organizations within a particular career - they often provide valuable insight!  For example, try the American Physical Therapy Association www.apta.org for more info about being a Physical Therapist.  Or, perhaps you would like to be an Architect -- try www.aia.org for the American Institute of Architects.

    Financial & Scholarship Resources

    Test Preparation (College, GED, Military & Other)

    • ACT: http://actstudent.org The American College Testing is used by college admissions committees to help gauge a student's readiness for college-level material. The ACT covers four academic skill areas: English, mathematics, reading, and scientific reasoning.
    • College Board (AP & SAT): www.collegeboard.com College Board sponsors the SAT test and AP programs. Many colleges and universities use the results from this exam to consider a prospective student during the admissions process.
    • Network Solutions: http://domesatreview.com This site provides a free SAT Prep program online that incorporates a catalog of over 100 math, reading, and writing study guides, 5000 SAT vocabulary flash cards, practice quizzes/explanations, and simulated practice tests.
    • Study Guide Zone: www.studyguidezone.com This site provides study skills tips for all types of students and links to test preparation (such as college entrance and placement, military testing and the GED test).


Last Modified on September 20, 2022