• Please check here for info about upcoming events, fundraisers, schedules and other Band Booster news...  

    BOOSTER MEETINGS - Booster meetings are open to the public, and all band parents are encouraged to attend. Meetings usually start at 6:30 PM in LDHS Room 505 (across from the Band Room).  Minutes and Treasurer Reports are posted on this website.  
    • The next Booster Meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 20, 2023 at 6:30 pm in Room 505 .  
    CURRENT FUNDRAISERS - All fundraising Checks or Money Orders (NO CASH) and Forms should be placed in the Booster Filing Cabinet in the HS Band Room.
    • We are always seeking chaperones/helpers to assist with band activities - watch for details in email updates!
    FUNDRAISER COORDINATORS - ​The Boosters need PARENT VOLUNTEERS to help run student sales.  You will NOT need to handle money - you just need to coordinate with the vendor, help promote the sale, and arrange for delivery/pick-up of the product.  It's an easy way to help take some of the load off the Booster officers.  Please contact us if you can help coordinate any fundraisers in the future.  

    CHAPERONE CLEARANCES - Parents interested in chaperoning football games or band trips, or helping with band events that would put them in contact with students, must submit clearances to the LD School District and wear a district-provided Volunteer Badge.  Visit the District website for details.

    PAYMENTS - Please make payments to the Band Boosters in the form of CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS so that they are traceable and more secure.  The Boosters cannot accept cash payments.  Payments should be placed in an envelope marked with the student’s name and what it is for.  Make checks payable to LDBB and include the order form if necessary.  Place the envelopes in the locked filing cabinet in the HS Band Room (when school is in session). Contact Treasurer Kathy Wallace LDbandtreasurer@gmail.com with questions or to check your Student Account Balance.
    CONTACT You can email the Band Booster Secretary Tina Rife at ldbbsecretary@gmail.com.
    The LD Band Boosters is a 501(c)(3) organization, so donations are tax-deductible!
    Please contact us for details on how you can make a donation to the LDBB to support music in our schools.

      The Lower Dauphin Band Boosters' mission is to support our bands...our musicians...and the talented musical faculty that guides them through their musicianship and performance events. 

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