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    The next Band Booster meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9, at 6:30 PM.  The meeting location TBD.  The Executive Committee will meet at 6:00 PM.  
      * Band Booster Meeting:  Tuesday, March 9, 6:30 PM; location details to follow


    HIBERNATE SHEET SALE – The Hibernate sheet sale has begun.  The sale begins Monday, November 23 and will continue throughout the school year.  This fundraiser allows for social distancing, as it is done completely online.  No order forms to handle, no money to collect.  Friends & family who live out of state can participate, as the sheets are sent directly to them.  No need for you to deliver the sheets to anyone.  The sheets ship FREE!   If you have any questions regarding the sale, please contact Carrie Bell (ldbbsecretary@gmail.com).

    Selling points are:

    • 100% Lifetime Guarantee (Hibernate Lifetime Guarantee Flyer)
    • Comparable to 1800 thread count
    • High-quality super-soft, deep pocketed 16''
    • Affordable $49.95 (all sizes)
    • Additional pillowcases (2 per pack) in every color in standard and king sizes are $15.95.
    • Ships to supporter FREE!

    PRIZES!!!!  Students can earn prizes for reaching various sales goals.  Ideally, it would be great if every student could sell 20 sheet sets.  However, prizes begin with just five (5) sets being sold.  In order to qualify for the prizes, the sales must be completed by the end of day December 13, 2020.  Hibernate Sheet Sale Prize Sheet.

    Please watch the kickoff video (below link).  Drew will explain how the program works. For every sheet set sold, the organization will earn $12.50.  The boosters & student profit will be split 50/50 (each earning $6.25).  For every extra pillow case (2 per pack) sold, the organization will earn $4.50.  The boosters & student profit will be split 50/50 (each earning $2.25).



    LDB Sign Up

    Hiberblast Process

    4 Piece Sheet Set: Hibernate 4 -piece bed sheets are made of ultra soft, 100% double-brushed microfiber material. Each set includes a fitted sheet (16-inch deep pockets), flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases.
    Extra Pillowcases: Additional pillowcases are available.  (2 per pack) in every color in standard and king sizes.
    Depth: The pocket of the fitted sheet physically measures 14”, however, the stretch in the fabric is designed to comfortably accommodate a mattress up to 17”.
    Specifics: Wrinkle Resistant; 16" Deep Pockets; Highly Breathable; Perfectly-Sized; Ultra Soft
    Fit: Each set is designed with a deep fit in mind. Additionally, a high-quality elastic is used on the fitted sheet and sturdy stitching throughout to improve the life of each set.



    UNIFORM PILLOWS - Orders will be available for pick-up on Tuesday, October 13.  If the pillow is a gift, please reach out to Tabitha McQuiddy at tsmcquiddy@msn.com to arrange pick-up.  Otherwise, your student can pick up the pillow at practice that night.

    The School Board generously donated the old Marching Band uniforms to the Boosters, so now we can use them to make fun pillows to sell as a fundraiser for band programs.  These will make great gifts for students and alums, BUT WE NEED SOME CRAFTY PARENTS TO HELP MAKE THEM!  If you know how to work a sewing machine and would have some time available this spring or summer, please contact us about serving on the Sewing Committee. 
    Buy a pillow while they last...only $40!  Band Boosters are making the pillows from old uniforms, and they will be sold until gone.  Orders for pillows will be fulfilled in the order they are taken.  You will be given a timeline of when to expect your pillow(s) as more orders are received.  Please make checks payable to LDBB.  Contact Tabitha McQuiddy at tsmcquiddy@msn.com.  Payments can be made at band events or mailed to Tabitha.  Uniform Pillow Order Form


    CHAPERONE CLEARANCES - Parents interested in chaperoning football games or band trips, or helping with band events that would put them in contact with students, must submit clearances to the LD School District and wear a district-provided Volunteer Badge.  Visit the District website for details.

    PAYMENTS Please make payments to the Band Boosters in the form of CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS so that they are traceable and more secure.  The Boosters cannot accept cash payments.  Payments should be placed in an envelope marked with the student’s name and what it is for.  Make checks payable to LDBB and include the order form if necessary.  Place the envelopes in the locked filing cabinet in the HS Band Room (when school is in session). Contact Treasurer Tabitha McQuiddy at tsmcquiddy@msn.com with questions or to check your Student Account Balance.
    BOOSTER MEETINGS -  Booster meetings are usually held the second Tuesday of each month, though they may switch to Mondays or Wednesdays in winter to line up with Indoor Drumline practices. The next Band Booster Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9, at 6:30 PM.  The meeting location will be TBD.  Meetings are open to the public, and all band parents are encouraged to attend.  Minutes and Treasurer Reports from previous meetings are posted on this website. 
    CONTACT You can email the Band Booster Secretary Carrie Bell at ldbbsecretary@gmail.com.

      The Lower Dauphin Band Boosters' mission is to support our bands...our musicians...and the talented musical faculty that guides them through their musicianship and performance events. 

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