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    The next Band Booster meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14 at 6:15 PM.  The meeting will be done through ZOOM.  The Executive Committee will meet from 6-6:15.  
      *  BAND CAMP - 7/27 to 7/31
      *  POST BAND CAMP - 8/3 to 8/5
    BAND CAMP 2020 -  Marching Band Camp will be held July 27-31, 2020, with Post Band Camp practices August 3-5.  Please try to schedule vacations around these dates!
    2021-21 LOWER DAUPHIN BAND T-SHIRT FUNDRAISER - We are looking for local businesses and organizations to make donations to LD Band Boosters, and to show our appreciation, we will print your name or logo on our official Marching Band T-Shirt. Not only is this a great advertising opportunity, but you will be helping students raise funds for their band expenses!   Remember to take the Donor Shirt Form (click on link for form) with you to appointments and outings this summer and talk to your employer and other local businesses about supporting LD Band.   Student fundraiser credits can be used to help pay for Band Fees.  Completed forms, payment, and logo (if needed) are due by July 27.  Contact Tabitha McQuiddy with questions.   https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1UAlWM0UA1x4PoZ0RIrV88lncXNHhn41l
    UNIFORM PILLOWS - The School Board generously donated the old Marching Band uniforms to the Boosters, so now we can use them to make fun pillows to sell as a fundraiser for band programs.  These will make great gifts for students and alums, BUT WE NEED SOME CRAFTY PARENTS TO HELP MAKE THEM!  If you know how to work a sewing machine and would have some time available this spring or summer, please contact us about serving on the Sewing Committee.  We are also looking for a COORDINATOR for this fundraiser.
    VOLUNTEER REWARDS PROGRAM - In an effort to recognize and encourage parent participation, the Boosters will begin tracking volunteer hours and donations.  For every 2 hours you put in or $5 worth of donations you give, your name will be put in a hat for a drawing to win a gift certificate or other prizes at the end of the year.  You can earn volunteer hours by attending booster meetings, chaperoning, volunteering at our indoor shows, or helping with our fundraisers.  If you send in a donation that is NOT listed on SIGN UP GENIUS, please write your name on it or email the Booster Secretary.  The winning name will be drawn at the Band Banquet in May. Booster officers are not eligible for the rewards program. Contact Carrie Bell with questions at LDBBSecretary@gmail.com.
    CHAPERONE CLEARANCES - Parents interested in chaperoning football games or band trips, or helping with band events that would put them in contact with students, must submit clearances to the LD School District and wear a district-provided Volunteer Badge.  Visit the District website for details.
    PAYMENTS Please make payments to the Band Boosters in the form of CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS so that they are traceable and more secure.  The Boosters cannot accept cash payments.  Payments should be placed in an envelope marked with the student’s name and what it is for.  Make checks payable to LDBB and include the order form if necessary.  Place the envelopes in the locked filing cabinet in the HS Band Room. Contact Treasurer Tabitha McQuiddy at tsmcquiddy@msn.com with questions or to check your Student Account Balance.
    BOOSTER MEETINGS -  Booster meetings are usually held the second Tuesday of each month, though they may switch to Mondays or Wednesdays in winter to line up with Indoor Drumline practices. The next Band Booster Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14 at 6:15 PM.  The meeting will be done through ZOOM.  Meetings are open to the public, and all band parents are encouraged to attend.  Minutes and Treasurer Reports from previous meetings are posted on this website. 
    CONTACT You can email the Band Booster Secretary Carrie Bell at ldbbsecretary@gmail.com.

      The Lower Dauphin Band Boosters' mission is to support our bands...our musicians...and the talented musical faculty that guides them through their musicianship and performance events. 

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