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Public Review of LD Comprehensive Plan

Lower Dauphin is near the completion of a new comprehensive plan for the district which will run from the 2020-21 to the 2022-23 school years.

The plan has four main objectives:

  • Adopt and implement a plan to ensure that students in grades K-12 are career and college ready.
  • Improve standardized test scores in English/Language Arts by 4.5 percentage points at every school.
  • Improve standardized test scores in Mathematics by 5.4 percentage points at every school.
  • Evaluate and improve the district's existing Safe & Supportive Schools programming.

These objectives were developed with a team of teachers, support staff, students, community members and administrators.

In addition to the objectives, the comprehensive plan document outlines detailed steps for completing the goals including professional development and communication action steps.

After the plan is on public display for 30 days, the Board of School Directors will vote to adopt it and send it to the state Department of Education for final review and implementation.


Comprehensive Plan for Lower Dauphin School District



Posted: March 21, 2020