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Interested in being a Substitute? NEW Daily Rates!

For the 2023-24 school year, Lower Dauphin has approved NEW daily rates for substitutes. 

The daily rate increased from $100 to $130 if you work 1-20 days. It then increases even more -- to $140 for working 21-71 days; $150 for working 72-122 days; and $175 for every day beyond that. 

The building subsitute rate increased from $130 to $175 per day worked.

The district partners with Substitute Teacher Service (STS) for our substitute teachers. To become a substitute teacher, you will need to meet the requirements outlined by the Pa Department of Education. 

Please visit the STS website to apply today to become a substitute for Lower Dauphin.

Already an STS employee? Contact STS Human Resources at (800) 357-7827 and ask for Lower Dauphin School District to be added to your district list. 

LD Human Resources