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What is Flex Time?

The Middle School is trying something new this year – we are implementing a daily Flex period. This is a common practice in middle schools around the area, which looks a little different in each school depending on their schedule and philosophy. For Lower Dauphin Middle School, the Flex period is a 25-minute period after 4th period when the whole school breaks from traditional academic courses and offers enrichment and supportive opportunities. The Flex Time activity choices vary based on the day of the week and are designed to meet a variety of student needs. Whether a student just wants a break to sit and relax using the Calm app, get additional time to work on homework, burn some energy playing basketball in the gym, or connect with new and different students through a common interest, Flex time can provide those opportunities. Students will sign up each day for their Flex time activity using the program called FlexTime Manager. The daily Flex period does not take away any class time; rather, the time for Flex was pulled mostly from morning homeroom and a little from afternoon homeroom. We are hoping Flex time will provide a consistent opportunity for student voice and choice, ultimately engaging students more in academics, improving attendance, and fostering stronger connections with school.

Flex time started on September 9th. We have had some obstacles, mostly related to using FlexTime Manager; however, we are working to resolve those concerns as well as to refine the Flex time activities and sign-up procedures. We appreciate the students' willingness to work with us through the implementation of this exciting new addition to the MS schedule this year!