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Londonderry Hosts Autism Celebration Day!

Autism Celebration_Staff

Londonderry Elementary School hosted its first ever Autism Celebration event on April 9th. April is recognized nationally as Autism Awareness Month, and the celebration  was one of many events being held at Londonderry throughout the month. The celebration event saw each grade level read a story together about autism, and then engage in conversations and activities about the experiences of individuals with autism and how we can celebrate our similarities.

Throughout the month, we are featuring true/false questions about autism on the morning announcements, featuring each of our students in the Autistic Support Classrooms with their own day of individual celebration, and posting autism facts around the school. We are so proud to have the elementary Autistic Support classrooms for the Lower Dauphin School District as a part of our school, and are excited to celebrate our amazing students all month long!