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Student Drop-off, Parking and Traffic Flow

Arrival to School



If you are dropping your student off in the morning or picking up at dismissal, please do your part to limit the number of people on campus, wear a cloth face covering, and practice social distancing. Thank you in advance!

Students should not arrive on campus prior to 8:40 AM. 

No pets may be brought onto campus.

There should be no use of playground equipment, ball games, or other recess type games before school.


Student Drop-Off

Please do not drop students off prior to 8:40 AM.

Students in K, 1, 2 enter the building through the courtyard entrance. Students in grades 3-5 enter through the playground entrance.

Students will enter the building and go directly to their classrooms upon arrival on campus, and will not line up outside by grade this year.


It is my hope that by adhering to the above regulations, we will make our parking lot a safer place for our students, their siblings and parents each morning. Thank you in advance!


Bryan MacLeod – Principal, Nye Elementary School

 Drop-off, Parking and Traffic Flow