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Student Drop-off, Parking and Traffic Flow

One of the things that makes Nye a unique, special place in the Lower Dauphin School District is our community. The Nye Community is close knit, supportive, and an active part of our school. With so many parents here on campus on a regular basis to drop students off for school, or pick them up at the end of the day, there are many opportunities for informal conversations between parents and school staff. I believe that this has had an immensely positive impact on our school and community and I hope that it continues. However, in an effort to make our parking lot safe, we must make a few changes to existing routines and practices when dropping students off in the morning and picking them up at the end of the day.

I am going to ask that we adhere to the regulations outlined below.

When dropping students off in the morning:

  • ·         If you intend to park your vehicle and walk with your student to the courtyard or playground, please do not park along the curb anywhere within our parking lot. Instead, utilize any open parking spaces or park along Lincoln or Early Streets. Parking along John Street is an option; however, it can become very congested.



  • ·         If you intend to “drop and go”, meaning that you do not intend to exit your vehicle, pull up the curb within the drop-off zone (beyond the cross-walk), and have your child exit the vehicle to the curb. Please do not park, and leave the vehicle unattended in the drop-off zone.



  • ·         Please do not stop along the curb just inside the entrance, or along the curve to drop students off. Pull forward to the drop-off area.



  • ·         Please do not stop in the lane of traffic to allow students to exit the vehicle. Pull forward to the drop-off area.



  • ·         Do not stop your vehicle in the crosswalk to allow your student to exit the vehicle. Pull forward to the drop-off area.



It is my hope that by adhering to the above regulations, we will make our parking lot a safer place for our students, their siblings and parents each morning. Thank you in advance!


Bryan MacLeod – Principal, Nye Elementary School

 Drop-off, Parking and Traffic Flow