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Birthday Treats

Birthday Treats are welcome; however, we highly recommend that you consider non-food items such as stickers, pencils, a small coloring activity, gel bracelets, etc. There are a lot of options that are comparable in cost to an edible treat. It may even be possible to schedule a time for a parent or grandparent to come in to read to your child's class as a birthday treat. Communicate with your child's classroom teacher.
If edible birthday treats are sent in, they must adhere to our peanut / tree nut-free policy and the label must be examined by office staff and/or the classroom teacher in order to ensure that a child is not presented with a food item that would result in an allergic reaction. 
In order to help us maintain a safe environment for all children at Nye Elementary School:
  • All foods (cookies, cake, potato chips, pretzels, candy, etc.) must be sent into school in the package in which it was purchased with the ingredient label intact.  This includes items sent in for snack. 
  • Home-made items like cupcakes, cookies, etc. cannot be accepted.  
  • No peanut or tree nut products or peanut butter sandwiches will be allowed in classrooms.
  • Drinks must be in their original container.  Or, we ask that you bring in the package from which it was made.  No red juice.

The following items have been reviewed and are acceptable for Birthday Treats or Snacks:

  • Oreos (regular or golden)
  • Keebler Fudge Strips 
  • Keebler Fudge Grahams
  • Keebler Grasshopper Fudge Mint
  • Keebler E.L. Fudge Sandwich Cookies (original and double stuffed). 
  • Nabisco - Lorna Doone Shortbread
  • Gripz Chips Ahoy
  • Fresh Vegetables with the exception of tomatoes
  • Ritz Crackers (NOT Ritz Bitz)
  • Cheese-Its
  • Cheese Nips
  • Better Cheddars
  • Goldfish Crackers
  • Annie's Bunnies
  • Graham Crackers
  • Animal Crackers (Austin Zoo / Barnum)
  • Vanilla Wafers
  • Popcorn
  • Apple flavor Nutrigrain Cereal Bars / Yogurt Bars (Apple ONLY)
  • Fig Newtons
  • Motts Fruit Snacks 
  • GoGo Squeez
  • Veggie Strawz (Nature's Promise / Sensible Portions)
  • Yoplait Go-Gurt (Strawberry and Blueberry ONLY) Yogurt Squeezes
  • Sun Chips
  • Pringles
  • Store-bought bakery items (such as cupcakes) are only acceptable if item is labeled as peanut free AND made in a nut free facility. INQUIRE AT THE STORE BAKERY BEFORE PURCHASE. 
Thank you for your care and cooperation in keeping all students safe at Nye Elementary School!