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Kid2Kid Clothing Bank

The Price School is proud to announce the launch of the Kid2Kid Clothing Bank. The clothing bank is intended to assist Lower Dauphin School District families with meeting basic needs. Thanks to the efforts of the Price School staff and students, and generous support of the Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation, the Kid2Kid Clothing Bank is fully stocked and operational.


About the Clothing Bank

Kid2Kid Clothing Bank Video (Phone Compatible Link)


Request Form

Online Request Form



1. Clothing items are donated to the clothing bank by emailing Kevin Deibler.

2. Items are collected directly from the donating school.

3. Items are brought to the Price School where they are sorted, cleaned, and stocked in the Clothing Bank.

4. An individual may request items for a student using the online Request Form (linked above).

5. Once a request is received, the items will be pulled from the Clothing Bank and delivered with the next Falcon Pack delivery.



What items are available?

The clothing bank has jackets, sweaters, shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, hats, leggings, and many other items available.


What if something doesn't fit or the student does not want it?

If there are issues with the items that are sent, please return them with the next Falcon Pack pickup.


Is there an option to come in person?

Due to the safety of our students and staff, there is currently not an option to browse in person. Once protocols allow it, there will be an option to visit in person.


What if I want to donate?

Donations may be made by contacting Kevin Deibler at


Where should I direct questions?

Questions about the clothing bank should be directed to Kevin Deibler.


Thank You for Your Support...

Kevin Deibler, Natausha Bulgrien, Matt O'Donnell, Paula Esposito, & Dan Kauffman

Lower Dauphin School District Staff

Price School Students

Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation (Website)