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Procedures for Snow Days, Remote Learning 2022-23

The Lower Dauphin School District has been approved to use up to five (5) Flexible Instructional Days during the 2022-2023 school year. These are days to be used for times when the school is forced to close unexpectedly. The Superintendent will decide if the district will be closed or use one of the Flexible Instructional Days.

When the district designates a day as a Virtual Instructional Day, the students will participate in a fully remote, online program which is a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction provided by our certified teaching staff.

Virtual Instructional Day – All students will learn remotely. Secondary students will utilize the schedule at the bottom of this page.

Closed - Schools are closed and the day will be made up on one of the designated make-up days in the district calendar.

For 2-hour delays and weather-related closure days, students will follow the schedule communicated below. For early dismissal days, instruction will conclude at the time of dismissal.

2-hour delay –Students scheduled for Face-to-Face instruction will continue to attend school.  Students scheduled to learn remotely will stay at home.  We will utilize the schedule below.

Early Dismissal – All instruction will stop for the remainder of the school day upon dismissal.