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Keystone Exam Update, January 2021

Lower Dauphin High School Keystone Exam Update

January 18, 2021


Pennsylvania recently passed a new law which will delay the use of the Keystone Exams as a graduation requirement until the Class of 2023 (current high school 10th graders). Keystone Exams will not be a graduation requirement for the Class of 2021 or 2022. 

Students who completed a Keystone exam-related course (English 10, Algebra, Biology) during the 2019-20 school year are not required to take the Keystone exams and shall be deemed proficient as long as the student has successfully passed the course with a final course grade of 60 percent or higher. 


·Keystone Exams are still scheduled for the Spring Testing Window in May of 2021 for students taking Algebra, Biology, and Literature.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a current 10th grade student taking Biology and Literature courses this school year. Will I be taking Biology and Literature Keystone Exams in May 2021?

Yes, As of January 18, 2021 Keystone Exams are still scheduled during the Spring Testing Window of May 17-28.


I am a current 9th grade student and took Algebra last year at the Middle School. Do I still need to make-up the Keystone Algebra Exam since it was canceled during the Spring of 2020?

No, you will be marked as proficient as long as you have a passing grade in the Keystone Course. Proficiency on Keystone Exams are scheduled to be a graduation requirement for the Class of 2024.


I am student who took Algebra, Biology, or Literature during the 2019-20 school year. Am I able to take the Keystone Exam(s) I missed during the Spring 2020 cancelation?

Yes, contact your counselor if you would like to still take the Keystone Exams you missed during the Spring of 2020. Your make-up exams would be scheduled during the Spring Window of May 17-28.


 When is Keystone Testing for this year?

This year’s Spring Testing Window is May 17 - 28, 2021. 


Please contact your grade-level counselor, Mr. Wastler or Mr. Hanula if you have specific questions.