Occupation Tax Exemption Form

In order to qualify for occupation tax exemption your total Pennsylvania taxable income (including all sources taxed by the state) must be less than $6,000. If you have no W-2 earnings, no self-employment income and no earned income reported to you on a 1099, you do not have to count your unearned income such as interest or dividends towards the $6,000 income limit. Regular pensions and social security payments received are non-taxable by the State and therefore are not included as income by Lower Dauphin School District.
All occupation exemption requests are audited. You may be asked to document your request. If you are unsure if you meet the requirements for exemption please contact your tax collector or the School District tax office at 717-566-5311 prior to making your request. Requests received without the proper Per Capita tax payment may be returned to you by the tax collector. Please make sure you sign the request form and that you place a check mark on one of the reasons for exemptions. If you do not, your request may be returned.
Deadline to file exemption requests is December 31.
Exemption forms should be returned to your tax collector along with the per capita payment due. The following are the amounts due for per capita taxes: 
  • Residents of Hummelstown Borough:
    • July-Aug $9.80; 
    • Sep-Oct $10.00;   
    • Nov-Dec $11.00.
  • Residents of Townships of Conewago, Londonderry, East Hanover or South Hanover:
    • July-Aug $14.70;   
    • Sep-Oct $15.00; 
    • Nov-Dec $16.50.
Checks should be payable to your tax collector whose name appears on your tax notice. If you did not receive a tax notice, please contact the Lower Dauphin tax office at 717-566-5311.
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